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4.5 MW gas Turbine

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Specification - GAS – TURBINE


Model: SGT-100-1S, Year: Jul, 2004

Rate Output: 4,660 kw, Maximum Output: 5,070 kw

Speed: 17,384rpm / 1,800rpm

Fuel: Gas

Low Heating Value: 40.6MJ/N㎥

Fuel Consumption: 1,428N㎥/h

Exhaust Gas Flow Rate: 54,800 N㎥/h

Exhaust Gas Temperature: 542°C

NOx Reduction Measures: Premixed Combustion (DLE)

NOx Emission Value (GT outlet) 21ppm under (0.2=16%)


Maker: FUJI ELECTRIC, Model: GFV763ZB-4

Year: Nov, 2003

Rate Output: 5,633 KVA - 5,070 kw, Pole: 4

Speed: 1,800rpm, Voltage: 3,300 V, Frequency: 60 hz, Currency: 986 A


Maker: ALLEN Gear, Model; 21095-12
Type: Star Epicclic Gear, Year: 2003
Rated Power: 6,266 kw
Input: 17,370rpm
Output: 1,800rpm


Status of maintenance of Siemens Gas-turbine in recent years.

Bore scope inspection included

2017 Aug Part of Gas-Turbine changed as record-Service and re-commissioned record (See the record)

This gas-turbine overhauled on Aug, 2017

It indicated 2 years from overhaul so we may calculate 16,000 hrs from the last overhaul. Pag 10 of 32

The owner get the regular statutory inspection from Japan government on Oct, 2018, it indicated - Pag 10 of 32

This gas-turbine is perfect condition to working and now operating at site.

This gas-turbine will stop on Aug 12th, 2019 so ask to your client hurry to inspect at site.

All information are from a person who is in charge of Siemens Gas-Turbine at power plant.


Sale Price: USD CALL / EMAIL

Sold - As is - Where is - condition


30 % down payment to schedule and inspection
20 % - 5 days after inspection / approval
50 % Readings to be remove


This GTG is still at the customer site working

It will be de commissioning by the en of August – 2019

Removal by end of September – 2019

EXW – Japan – At the factory, loaded in customer truck

Stock – prior sale

Export logistic, pending to be quote

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